TSCM Services – What We Do

Our TSCM Services include a wide variety of both low-tech and hi-tech services designed to perform a complete set of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures to insure that your premises are secure.

TSCM services can range from inspecting offices, telephones, conference rooms, warehouses, homes, personal living spaces, outdoor areas, automobiles, and even your own body and clothing.

During a TSCM services inspection of your premises a large number of services will be performed to inspect all areas that can lead to potential security threats.

There are many locations where eavesdropping devices can be hidden on your premises. Our complete TSCM service will thoroughly inspect these areas to locate and remove any hidden devices

These TSCM Services Will Be Performed

A comprehensive threat assessment will be made of all designated target areas and a plan developed to best implement the countermeasure sweep.
A preliminary “silent sweep” will be conducted to attempt to locate eavesdropping devices while they are in operation. Our bug detection tools can detect a wide variety of transmitters
A full radio frequency spectrum analysis will be performed to check for hidden radio transmitters and telephone parasitic transmitters.
Electrical power lines and other lines will be inspected with specialized equipment in order to locate line “carrier current” devices.
A thorough physical search will be conducted in all designated target areas.
A complete electronic analysis and physical inspection will be accomplished on all target area telephones and telephone lines.
A verbal report of our findings will be given, only to a designated representative or our client, upon completion of the inspection service.
A full written report will be submitted no later than three days after completion of the inspection service. This report will be submitted only to the client, or at his request, to a designated representative. This report will include all of our findings, our observations, and in many cases recommendations to enhance the security of your communications.