Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – TSCM

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, also known as TSCM is a complicated way to say debugging. TSCM specialists detect, identify and remove eavesdropping devices and bugs that may be recording or transmitting conversations or sending real time video to an outside party.

Debugging Is Complicated

Debugging a location properly is a complicated process that is best left to Counter Surveillance Experts. Years ago it was easy to detect bugs. James Bond would check into his hotel room, look under the telephone, look behind a painting, check the chandelier …. Ah, there it is.

Today’s eavesdropping bugs are small, and easily hidden in everyday objects. Detecting bugs is not easy anymore, and that has drastically increased the use of technical services counter measures.

TSCM Experts are usually very knowledgeable about their field, having seen the development of all of these new hi-tech, low-cost bugging devices over the past decade. TSCM professionals have a lot of training and experience in electronics, radio transmitters & receivers, telephone and computer systems, video transmission, etc. They need to have a complete understanding of the vast array of surveillance devices available in order to be able to detect and neutralize them.

Info On TSCM Services

TSCM sweep services require the use of a wide variety of electronic equipment, and well as some basic, low-tech procedures such as a thorough visual inspection of the premises. TSCM services can sweep using RF detection equipment, test phone lines for wiretaps, detect transmitters of all types, scan for powered devices, and much more.

TSCM experts are not just some guy with a $49 bug detector from the spy shop on the corner. They have invested many thousands of dollars in sophisticated bug detection equipment, as well as many hundreds of hours of TSCM training to learn their craft and hone their skills.

Specialists in technical surveillance counter measures must have a thorough understanding of electricity and electronics, construction, radio frequencies, digital signals, telephone equipment and phone lines, computer networks and cabling, cell phones, wireless devices, etc. They are specialists in their field applying their vast experience in surveillance and counter surveillance techniques.

TSCM – An Art And A Science

Many times, specialists in technical surveillance counter measures must think creatively in order to find all of the ingenious places that people can place these new miniature listening devices. As these eavesdropping devices get smaller and smaller, there are many more locations where they can be hidden in an attempt to avoid detection.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Protect Your Privacy

TSCM experts can help protect your privacy by performing thorough bug sweeps of homes, offices, cars, and even your clothing. When you hire a professional TSCM expert you can rest assured that your location is secure and your privacy is protected. If you buy one of those cheap bug detectors and do it yourself, you leave yourself vulnerable to sophisticated devices that your cheap detector can’t find.

TSCM Sweeps On A Regular Basis

Anyone who has access to valuable information is always at risk of eavesdropping. TSCM Bug sweeps should be performed on a regular basis to ensure the security of your premises. Scheduling surprise sweeps on a random schedule can be quite effective in thwarting eavesdroppers so that they cannot remove their equipment before a regularly scheduled bug sweep.

Technical surveillance counter measures can be as complicated as it sounds, and should therefore be left to the professionals. The experts at EED Co. are happy to provide free quotes on all of our TSCM services.