Counter Surveillance Techniques

There are lots of people in the world who may wish to spy on you, and that is the primary reason why everyone should consider if they need to apply counter surveillance techniques. In today’s world, everyone should use some counter surveillance techniques out of an abundance of common sense.

Simple Counter Surveillance Techniques

Counter Surveillance Experts will use RF frequency analyzers to scan for radio frequencies used by tiny eavesdropping transmitters and receivers

There are some simple counter surveillance techniques that everyone should use. Be aware of your surroundings and the people that you see. If you keep seeing the same person shadowing you, it might be a problem. Shred your mail, old checks and credit cards to thwart thieves who might go through your trash. Keep your pin numbers secret and secure. Beware of people looking over your shoulder at ATM’s and credit card swipe machines.

Never give your your social security number to anyone who doesn’t absolutely need it. Never give out personal information over the phone to anyone who calls you unless you can establish their identity. If you’re suspicious, hang up. Don’t fall for those phishing emails that claim there’s a problem with your account and wants you to login through a fake site to ‘fix’ the problem. If you’re not sure if an email is real, call the company directly.

Electronic Counter Surveillance Techniques

Unfortunately, simple common sense counter surveillance methods cannot eliminate all the threats you may face. Electronic surveillance is becoming more commonplace with the invention of inexpensive eavesdropping devices such as spy cameras and voice transmitters. Costs for these devices have dropped so much that now they are affordable to disgruntled employees, ex-wives, estranged spouses and children, information thieves, nosy neighbors, competing companies, etc.

To locate these new tiny transmitters, you need a wide variety of counter surveillance equipment to detect, and identify them so that you can neutralize them. There are many cheap bug detectors for sale, but they are only worth the price of their transistors unless they are used correctly.

Counter surveillance experts like those at EED Co have all the necessary bug detection equipment to identify these incredibly small transmitters, and they have the training to use it correctly. They have spent many hundreds of hours studying and training on the equipment they use every day. Their training in technical surveillance counter measures allows them to find bugs wherever they are hidden.

Whenever you believe that you may be the target of unwelcome surveillance, you should immediately contact a counter surveillance expert to perform a bug sweep of your premises. The likelihood of there being eavesdropping is better than 1 in 6 according to recent studies on counter surveillance.

Call the counter surveillance experts at EED Co. to get a free quote on bug sweeps, bug detection and TSCM services.