Counter Surveillance Techniques – The Importance of Hiring A TSCM Specialist

There are many counter surveillance techniques, but how do you tell the best? How do you know the best counter measures to apply in order to minimize the risks of surveillance? You hire a professional specializing in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).

Let go over a few reasons why you should go with a TSCM specialist if you want to indulge in counter surveillance services:

Counter Surveillance Techniques By TSCM Pros

The ETA-1 Telephone Analyzer allows us to detect security threats to “Multiplex Telephone Systems”

A TSCM professional will help you identify if someone plants any surveillance equipment at your home or work place. You need someone who can help you in bug detection and help you spot any tracking devices. A TSCM professional will help you bug-sweep your phone lines, computer data lines, microwaves, vehicles and offices to help you get rid of electronic spying and surveillance equipment.

You need someone who has special training in counter surveillance techniques and measures, who has competent equipment that can easily identify or detect any form of espionage, especially electronic, someone who has exceptional experience and expertise in this field. You need someone who can help you identify the wide array of electronic devices that are used to snoop around, and what to do in case you spot one.

You need someone you can trust. True professionals can be trusted. Most people who claim to have knowledge in counter surveillance techniques end up being untrustworthy, turning from debuggers to buggers. Finding a TSCM professional who does not have a record of dissatisfied customers is important, for your privacy and security.

Buggers are professionals, and the best way to predict the moves of a professional is to get another professional who will counter their moves. You need someone with vast knowledge as far as counter surveillance detection is involved, who will help you identify any professional aggression by the buggers, whose main aim is to give you frustration and a distraction from their surveillance. You need someone who will help you identify and catch suspicious people who may be following you off guard, by vehicle or on foot.

Counter Surveillance Pros will help you install protective gear against bugging, especially in your computer lines, through antiviruses, firewall and antispyware programs. They will help you encrypt your information and files, and create back ups in safer locations. They will help you identify safe locations where you can store your data. If you need to get rid of computer files, they will give you software that is designed to permanently wipe them off from the computers, beyond salvage. Many a times people think they have deleted files while they can be retrieved and used to bring them down.

You need someone with expert knowledge on how to help you secure yourself against surveillance, someone who will help you install devices to ensure that no one can snoop around your home or office undetected. A counter surveillance expert will help you do this, and ensure that buggers do not install surveillance equipment in your home or office in the first place. As they say, prevention is better than cure.
Professionals have vast knowledge on sophisticated bugs and bug detection techniques. As the technology advances, they keep up with high-end surveillance devices that are constantly being introduced, and purchase costly but effective electronic counter-surveillance packages that can debug your house through the magnetic fields produced by their circulation.

TSCM Pros know how to create instances that will scare information thieves and buggers away, so that they can pay attention to their bug detection efforts.