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This old poster from World War II is just as relevant today. Only the methods have changed. Bug detection is a must to protect your privacy and security

Bug Detection In Todays World

The demand for bug detection for businesses, political organizations, and high profile individuals has risen dramatically in recent years. The invention of inexpensive, yet sophisticated listening devices and wireless spy cameras has created an environment where it is relatively quick and easy to bug someones office, home or car. Clandestine listening devices or video cameras […]

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A Handheld “Biddle” 510 lets us get into those tight places where others can’t go.
It displays Telephone Lines out to 10,000 feet (Radar) to give us exceptional detection capabilities.

Bug Detection Services

Corporate security personnel more often have to concern themselves with counter surveillance techniques, and security protocols that involve bug detection. Rather than trying to keep up with the ever changing field of counter surveillance, they frequently turn to professional counter surveillance experts for their bug detection needs. Home owners can sometimes feel as if they […]

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How To Sweep For Bugs

Hidden spy cameras and listening devices in your office or home can be discovered if you understand how to sweep for bugs. These eavesdropping devices can provide your competitors or enemies with confidential, private information that can cause serious damage. Sweeping for bugs can be difficult if you are not an expert in counter-surveillance techniques. […]

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