Bug Detection Tools

Bug detection in the 21st century is a lot more complicated than it was 30 years ago. The advent of miniature computer chips and tiny electronic components makes it easy for the bad guys to put eavesdropping devices almost anywhere. Bug detection and bug sweeping techniques have become much more sophisticated to keep pace with the different devices that can be used against you.

Bug Detection Technology Keeps Us One Step Ahead

Our Biddle 535 Time Domain Reflectometer allows us to evaluate threats to your network security with a high degree of accuracy.

As eavesdropping devices become more advanced, so do the tools and technology we need to detect these bugs. Our tremendous investment in high-tech bug detection tools allows us to keep one step ahead of those who want to spy on you.

Our equipment allows us to scan RF frequencies for wireless devices, scan miles of telephone wiring, search for obscure radio frequency transmitters, scan for electronic devices, search for powered devices, and much more.

While we’re glad to show off some of our equipment, we also employ much more sophisticated bug detection equipment that we can’t show here for security reasons.




Some of the Bug Detection Equipment We Use


Our complete line of state-of-the-art Electronic Countermeasures Equipment helps us detect and neutralize threats to your security that other companies cannot.

Bug detection starts with the equipment you use. We employ a wide range of equipment, from simple electronic testers to sophisticated TSCM equipment to find eavesdropping devices wherever they may be.

We incorporate equipment to detect and locate all major categories of electronic surveillance including room, phone & body bugs that are transmitting your conversations.

Our hi-tech equipment can also detect video cameras; vehicle tracking beepers, infinity bugs, hook switch by-pass or reversals “turned on” to your conversations; wired microphones listening inside walls; recorders; computer, telephone; fax or telex transmitters “reading” your information without your knowledge.

Telephone Lines Are A Major Concern

A Handheld “Biddle” 510 lets us get into those tight places where others can’t go.
It displays Telephone Lines out to 10,000 feet (Radar) to give us exceptional detection capabilities.

The security of your telephone lines is one of the most important factors that must be considered. Telephone land lines provide a direct link between your home or office, and the outside world.

Our Kaiser 1080H Telephone Analyzer provides a detailed analysis of telephone circuits and intercom systems to detect unwanted listening devices and security threats to your telecommunications infrastructure.

Quite often these lines pass through unsecured, public areas that expose them to potential security threats. You can be tapped without your knowledge and without anyone ever entering your premises.

Telephone taps, also known as wiretaps, can be a serious security threat to corporations as well as individuals.

The ETA-1 Telephone Analyzer allows us to detect security threats to “Multiplex Telephone Systems”

Those listening to your conversations can gather personal information, sensitive company info, corporate secrets, financial information, pin numbers, detailed travel plans, family information and more that can be used to blackmail you, or place you in serious danger.

Transmitters Can Be Hidden Almost Anywhere

The SD-1 is a generic receiver which we use to evaluate ALL frequencies in a given area. This allows us to detect and neutralize a wide variety of transmitters and eavesdropping devices.

Bug detection got a lot harder with the invention of miniaturized wireless transmitters, that can send and receive voice conversations, images, real-time video, and computer data.

Many of these types of bugging devices will transmit their information via RF (radio frequency) and other frequencies in the spectrum.

Successful bug detection requires the ability to scan all frequencies in the spectrum to find out which ones are being used. Then you need to analyze those frequencies to see if they are being used by eavesdropping devices or your wireless laptop & cell phone.

These tiny transmitters can be concealed almost anywhere; in a telephone, in a light switch or electrical outlet, embedded in furniture, lamps and office equipment. Making sure you find all of them is the job of a counter surveillance expert.

Some of the Bugs We’ve Detected

Over the years, the counter surveillance experts at EED have detected, identified and removed literally hundreds of eavesdropping devices of all kinds. We’ve found everything from basic wired microphones, to telephone taps, hidden cameras, pen transmitters, recorders, infinity taps, wireless transmitters and highly sophisticated listening devices. Here’s a small sample of some of the devices we’ve detected.

Here are a few transmitters that we detected in the course of our security examinations for our clients.

Here are some more examples of the “Bugs” we’ve detected on our customer’s premises in the pas