Bug Detection Services

A Handheld “Biddle” 510 lets us get into those tight places where others can’t go.
It displays Telephone Lines out to 10,000 feet (Radar) to give us exceptional detection capabilities.

Corporate security personnel more often have to concern themselves with counter surveillance techniques, and security protocols that involve bug detection. Rather than trying to keep up with the ever changing field of counter surveillance, they frequently turn to professional counter surveillance experts for their bug detection needs.

Home owners can sometimes feel as if they are being bugged by nosy neighbors or estranged spouses who may have planted listening devices or hidden cameras. You might think this is unlikely, however with the advent of cheap, low cost listening devices, it is becoming more prevalent every day.

If you are in a situation where believe you are being bugged or suspect that you may be bugged, its time you took matter into your hands and looked for the bugs. The best way you can find bugs is by hiring a professional bug detecting company that will come into your home or company and perform these services for you.

EED is a professional bug detection company that offers expert bug detection services. Our experts will locate even the most well hidden video cameras and listening devices. We are well aware that as technology advances, inexpensive yet sophisticated spy cameras are being made that are harder to detect. For this reason we have many different devices we use in finding these hidden bugs.

Bug Detection Tools

We perform bug sweeps in our counter surveillance services using some or all of the following bug detectors depending on the circumstances:

RF bug detector: This bug detector serves as a locator and allows us to sweep areas for spy cameras to protect your privacy. This bug detector uses laser frequency visual detection and has a wide band of RF detection for both audio bug transmitters and wireless video.

This bug detector enables us to carry out fast bug sweeps in areas where you suspect that there could be a hidden spy camera. This bug detector lets the sweeper look through the view port of the unit and if a camera lens is within a 10 foot range it will give off a red flash that will let us find its location.

Other counter surveillance equipment we use in sweeping for bugs includes RF signal detectors that helps us search and detect wireless signals from cameras, cell phones, audio bugs and Wi-Fi. This bug detection equipment enables us to detect a wide variety of frequencies throughout the spectrum.

Another wonderful counter surveillance tool we use allows us to scan for powered devices such as hidden spy cameras and transmitters whether they are active or not.

Our unique and professional bug detection service is enhanced with electronic detection equipment that helps us to find wired and even wireless cameras using various frequencies such as: GSM bugs, VHF, Wi-Fi, UHF and Bluetooth.

Electronic Bug Detection Experts

EED is a bug detection company that offers affordable bug detection services for both office and home. Our counter surveillance services are successful because we always ensure we have used the most advanced bug detection equipment to sweep and detect all bugs that might have been planted in your locations, including home, office and even your car.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are becoming a necessity everyday. You may never know who is listening or watching into your personal or business affairs. If you think you may need bug detection services, get in-touch with us for more information and find out how soon we can schedule a bug sweep! Call us today for a free quote on bug detection services at your location.