Bug Detection In Todays World

The demand for bug detection for businesses, political organizations, and high profile individuals has risen dramatically in recent years. The invention of inexpensive, yet sophisticated listening devices and wireless spy cameras has created an environment where it is relatively quick and easy to bug someones office, home or car.

Clandestine listening devices or video cameras are known as “bugs” or “wires” that capture and transmit voice or full-motion video over radio waves to a receiver in the local area. “Wiretaps” are electronic devices attached to telephones lines or computer networks that can transmit their information either wirelessly to a local receiver or through the wire back to a receiver hundreds of miles away.

Bug Detection Is Harder Than It Used To Be

This old poster from World War II is just as relevant today. Only the methods have changed. Bug detection is a must to protect your privacy and security

Bug detection has become much more complex in recent years with the advances in miniaturization that make bugs so small they are difficult to detect. Bug detection with inexpensive consumer bug detectors is not foolproof. Many times limited sensitivity can miss bugs that are present, giving you a false sense of security.

Some sophisticated eavesdropping devices are voice or motion activated, or can be turned on remotely. Other high end bugs record conversations and employ burst transmitters to send their data in short bursts of radio waves that are difficult to detect by cheap bug detectors.

These new eavesdropping devices make bug detection extremely difficult for all but an experienced counter surveillance expert like the experts at EED Co.

The release of secret company information can result in the destruction of your business regardless of the size of your company.

Devastating consequences can also occur with the release of personal private information that can be collected with eavesdropping devices in your home. Since we generally feel more comfortable and secure in our homes, the likelihood of bugs being planted there is very high.

Increased Need For Bug Detection Services

It is becoming commonplace for high-level corporate executives to employ bug detection specialists to sweep offices, conference rooms and other areas where sensitive information may be discussed. Regular bug detection sweeps can minimize the risk of security threats through eavesdropping.

Bug detection specialists will utilize a wide variety of bug detection equipment to scan for radio signals across the entire frequency spectrum to detect unusual activity within the premises. They will then proceed to rule out devices such as office equipment and wireless computers that may be legitimately emitting those frequencies. Professional bug detection is preferable since many of the low-end bug detectors are not capable of searching high frequencies reliably.

Experts in bug detection will also use other equipment to scan for powered devices, wiretaps, and other devices that do not emitting radio frequencies. A counter surveillance expert will also use their experience in bug detection to perform a thorough visual inspection of the physical premises. This allows them to identify where devices are likely to be planted, looking for anything strange or out of place. Their expertise in where bugs are usually placed is invaluable in detecting bugs of all types.

Don’t Get Bugged. Call An Expert!

If you believe that your premises may be bugged, or you have access to valuable information, you should contact EED Co. for a free quote on having one of our experts perform a bug sweep of your office, home or car.