Counter Surveillance, Bug Sweeps & Bug Detection

Ray Melucci

Counter Surveillance Expert Ray Melucci from EED Co. with some of the bug detection tools they use to detect and neutralize eavesdropping devices

In a dark world… where human emotions play the largest role in making major decisions, a normal person can easily get lost in a tangle of conflicting information about what their counter surveillance options are for a surveillance problem.
Regardless of the circumstances… ‘getting the goods’ on someone has definitive legal guidelines and stiff penalties for those who break the law.

A simple ‘rule-of-thumb’ prevails here, if you think you are being bugged… there’s a very good chance that you are.

Estimates based on actual counter surveillance studies indicate that the odds of a situation being genuine is in reality… 1 out of 6.

Counter Surveillance Pros Help Find The Bugs

In a world filled with electronic devices, TSCM experts detect eavesdropping bugs wherever they are hidden.

The best scenario is to catch whoever is watching, listening or recording in the act. However… there are laws governing the activities for those trying to find the culprit. Laymen can easily run afoul of the law and get themselves into trouble or hinder the prosecution of the bad guys.
The bottom line is to leave the ‘looking’ and ‘finding’ to an expert… a TSCM services specialist with years of experience in law enforcement, bug detection, bug sweeps… and they really have to know what they’re doing when it comes to counter surveillance and bug detection.

The recent development of low-cost, hi-tech transmitters and spy cameras has caused a tremendous increase in eavesdropping incidents. These tiny sophisticated devices can be extremely difficult to detect unless you have the proper training and bug detection tools.

Recognized As A Top Counter Surveillance Expert

There’s only one person that people like Donald Trump, news magazine celebrity Matt Lauer or Ian Hunter of The Wall Street Journal Report will call for their counter surveillance needs… and that’s Rainer A. Melucci, President of E.E.D. Company, Inc.
Recognized by the media as one of “The Top 15 Counter Surveillance Experts In The World“, Ray Melucci has frequently been interviewed on television programs such as PM Magazine, Wall Street Journal and the Discovery Channel. He has also been highlighted in magazines like Discover, Venture, Mirabella, and featured in Newsday, The NY Times and The NY Daily News

In the game of counter surveillance and bug detection, training and experience means everything and Ray Melucci has the most impressive ‘sheep-skin’ in the industry.

So, if you want to catch a ‘bad-guy’… call Ray Melucci !